Filtered Hot and Chilled Water Solutions

ZIP is the international leader when it comes to instant *filtered hot and/or chilled water solutions!

We have solutions which cater for each sector, whether it be for Domestic use or Business use; a Small Office, Large Corporate Offices, Factories or Warehousing, the Hospitality Industry, Public use or Medical Facilities…ZIP has just the right product for you…

We specialise in a wide range of products to suit all your requirements, utilising the most innovative technology with advanced features, our products comprise of the;

• ZIP HydroBoil & HydroBoil Pro - Instant Boiling Water

With the HydroBoil there is no more waiting for the kettle to boil! The unit is fixed and plumbed onto a wall for ease of use supplying boiling water for hot beverages and cooking, instantly.

• ZIP HydroTap – Instant Filtered Boiling & Chilled Water On Tap for Commercial Applications

The ZIP HydroTap brings elegance and sophistication to your kitchen/office environment.
With the HydroTap there’s no need to boil water or purchase bottled water! It is up to 40% more energy efficient than a kettle, and a safety lock makes it safer than a kettle as it stays cool to the touch. Zip HydroTap is the smart way to bring better taste into your kitchen.

• ZIP HydroTap Compact2 – Instant Filtered Boiling & Chilled Water On Tap for Residential Applications

This is the Zip HydroTap for you when you want your home kitchen to have boiling and chilled filtered water available instantly. It’s the most popular Zip HydroTap model by far for home kitchens, and comes with a convenient new chilled water feature, Free-Flow™. With Free-Flow, cold water continues to flow even when the rated chilled water capacity is exceeded. Great for families filling a number of personal water bottles before work, before school, or before sport.

• ZIP HydroTap Miniboil Elite - Instant Boiling Water for Residential Applications

Zip HydroTap Miniboil Elite is a super-simple model offering you all the convenience of instant boiling filtered water with filtered ambient temperature (cold) filtered drinking water instead of chilled filtered drinking water. The under-sink control cabinet has an externally mounted filter cartridge so it is remarkably small, and can easily fit into small under-sink cupboards.

• ZIP ChillTap – Instant Chilled Water On Tap (with optional filtration)

The ChillTap is a neat undercounter unit, with a stylish carafe spout that may be placed over a prep bowl or kitchen sink offering chilled water on tap instantly.

• ZIP Chillmaster & Economaster – Chilled Drinking Water Instantly

Plumbed in drinking fountains, the Zip Chillmaster & Economaster are used for either staff or public environments, supplying chilled drinking water instantly.

* Filtration is not standard with all systems