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Introducing the new Zip HydroTap® G4 Range.  Filtered boiling and chilled water instantly, plus filtered “sparkling” chilled water instantly at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.G4 technology

Saving Energy

  • Superior Zip G4 thermal insulation now significantly reduces standard heat loss.
  • Power-Pulse™ technology maintains boiling water to within 0.2°C of set temperature.
  • Boiling temperature can be pre-set: from 100°C down to 68°C.
  • Sleeps or “powers-off” after two hours of non-use, to minimize daily power consumption.
  • Automatically sleeps when the kitchen goes dark, for added power savings overnight.
  • Inbuilt 24/7 automatic timer turns power on and off over weekends or weekday periods.
  • Power-PulseTM technology. New energy-saving technology applies full power to heat boiling water only during periods of heavy use. Cuts back to micro-pulse power during light usage periods or when unused. Also maintains boiling water temperature more precisely than ever achievable before.

User Safety

  • Choice of fingertip control for fast cup filling (lever down) or hands-free pot filling (lever up).
  • Can be set to finger-thumb operation to access boiling water, eliminating risk of accidental use.
  • Can also be set to boiling water “isolation mode” for total safety when kitchen is unattended.



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Healthier Drinking

  • Inbuilt Zip 0.2 micron filter puts crystal-clear better tasting water on tap, filtering out chlorine taste and odour and impurities as tiny as one five-thousandth of a millimetre,including protozoan cysts such as Cryptosporidium.
  • Also reduces accumulation of mineral scale in boiling water appliances, but does not remove fluoride.
  • Free-Flow™ bottle filling: for continuing supply of filtered water.

The brilliant new generation of the world's most advanced drinking water appliance.

We want to make your kitchen or office a more wonderful place. We want to make everything we do wonderful. How? By designing products that ask for less, yet give you more in return. With smarter features, genuine innovation and an unshakable love of beautiful design.

ZIP HydroTap G4 Range

All the best Zip HydroTap features combined with innovative new technology.

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Tastier and healthier. Enjoy crystal-clear, great tasting filtered drinking water. The integrated new Zip 0.2 micron filtration system removes dirt and contaminants up to 25 x better. Even the taste and odour of chlorine is removed but fluoride is retained.




Environmentally friendly, intelligent design coupled with new technology creates a low energy air-cooled ventilation system with superiour performance and better environmental responsibility. The G4 is now even more energy efficient. Unlike water-cooled systems, the Zip HydroTap doesn't waste water. 


two year warranty


Reputation and reliability. Since its introduction over 10 years ago, Zip HydroTap has earned a reputation for unparalleled quality. The new G4 is so reliable that we've confidently extended our warranty to 2 years. You will enjoy peace of mind when you choose Zip HydroTap G4.

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